Official website of World Music Day in Torun

This website is dedicated to the World Music Day (fr. Fête de la Musique | pl. Święto Muzyki) that is scheduled to take place outdoor in the Old Town of Torun (Poland) on June 21, 2008, Saturday (from 6pm till midnight).

You can check out who's participating and where, on our interactive map of the town center.

More information on the idea of Fête de la Musique can be found at:
Official website of World Music Day

For those who wish to contribute to the cause (either as a volonteer or organise a music event), please contact the coordination team via email.

Come to the Old Town of Torun on the 21 June 2008 and experience the variety of music styles!

Live it again! World Music Day 2008 in Torun

Photos & Videos!

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